First of all, we would like to thank you to all of you who support us as friends and families. We are paintball teams called Highway Star and Highway Star Kidz (our little brother team) where some of players play for both teams. Even though the big brother such as team HWS (Highway Star) will only playing and participating in international tournaments and HWSK (Highway Star Kidz) will rock in local tournaments, but both team members are interchangeable. We always keep our eyes searching for new members as we still have planty of rooms to place them in. HWSK will take care of new guys in the family as later on when they have learned enough how to rock the world, those new guys will step up and replace some old guys in HWS.


We are a Thai paintball team that believes in and sees each others goals through. We have many goals to be reached such as being on the top of its division, moving to even higher divisions, growing the HWS family, travelling to the far side of the world and paintballing, making our family becomes famous as the rockstars and so on. Together we help one another to accomplish those goals. Without our full teams effort, none of our dreams and goals would have been possible today.

We are a team that is more like a family than just an ordinary paintball team.

The Highway Star Team ("HWS") was originally organized in July 2007 by a group of five friends who shared very similar taste and experiences in paintball tournament. Team captain, Kaii first founded the team in June 2007 when he came back from participating in some of the major tournaments in US such as CFOA, NPPL at Huntington Beach, and PSP at South Carolina. His mission was to share his experiences, attitudes and hipnesses in the paintball world to HWS family. Then in mid July 2007, a group of friends got together on a Business Co-op outing. That was where the action began and the team was created. First, The group formed a membership of five experienced players. The group grew faster and faster and has many members ranging from all around the country. Some of our members are foreigners such as Dennis who has experiences from playing tournament in the Millennium Series in Europe, and some of our members are very new in paintball but eager to win and ready to represent our hipness to the world. That is why we say we are a family that has no borders. HWS is the most wanted paintball team in Thailand that people always want to joint the family because we will give them hard drills but lots of fun to do that with us, load of cool stuffs we made and shared to our members such as the coolest team jersey, T-shirt and so on, and finally we give them "love of paintball". Thank you all to all who have joined us, played with us, supported us and who believe in us. Without you, we would not be where we are today.


As a newest paintball team in Thailand, we, HWS and HWSK are committed to participate in every tournament such as local tournaments in Thailand, PALS Series, Millennium Series, and so on. We shall work harder, play harder and rock harder than we look. We acknowledge that making a good rank in Tournament is important but also we realize that to be appear in medias (such as paintball magazine, for men magazine, newspaper, television and etc.) is important to us as well. Therefore if you can feel this commitment and would like to sponsor us, than we want to hear from you, especially if you took the time to read this statement. Then you already have one foot in the door. We are looking forward to hear from you, and good luck.


First Leg of Thailand Paintball Cup 2rd Place

PALS World Cup Asia 2008 6th Place
Reactor Paintball 1st Place
Combat Zone 3 Man Tournament 1st Place

PALS Malaysia World Cup 6th Place
Power Plate Thailand Open 3th Place


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